The Equation For Failure

I find it amazing how much I enjoy using math in everyday (work) related activities. It reminds me of when I started learning math at a young age, like elementary and middle school years.. Sometimes math just made sense, and it felt good to work with numbers.

The problem was moving onto more advanced math as I grew older. I started out high school in advanced classes for my age.. but quickly my mindset and bad habits prevented me from enjoying math. Grades got in the way of actually enjoying it. I was such a terrible student, I never managed to even pass pre-calculus in high school. And I tried twice, so I was labeled a failure on many accounts. I was told I was a failure on paper, out loud, and internally.

Then I tried again when I went to Howard Community College in MD. Failed it again, 2 more times. When I finally transferred to Cabrini College, I had to start back over in the classes that I took when I first started high school (7 years earlier). This was all I could do, to get my diploma. I didn’t enjoy learning from an educational environment, ever.

Now that I get to create applications for clients, and my own future businesses, it’s quite a relief to know that I absolutely love to learn, I just didn’t fit into a school environment. It feels good again when things just make sense. I can create value from thin air (you can too), with just my imagination. That’s all I ever wanted to do, and now it’s all about getting better at it.